Wireless Charging in GM Vehicles: iPhone users are experiencing issues

Wireless Charging in GM Vehicles- iPhone iOS 17.1 update

Apple recently rolled out the iOS 17.1 update for eligible iPhones, primarily focusing on bug fixes. Despite this, a particular issue addressed in the update for BMW users seems to have resurfaced, including concerns related to wireless charging in GM vehicles after the iOS 17.1 installation.

Reports indicate that iPhone users who updated to iOS 17.1 are encountering difficulties with wireless charging in GM vehicles. The problem manifests as phones stopping charging and becoming unresponsive after a few seconds. Various troubleshooting methods, including phone restarts, have been attempted, but the issue persists.

While a similar issue affected BMW users, there is a subtle distinction. In BMW models, the NFC feature is also disrupted along with the charging problem, unlike in General Motors vehicles where NFC technology remains unaffected. Users sharing their experiences express frustration, stating that despite trying everything, no solution seems to be effective.

One user, “caduceus26,” shared, “Happy to know that it isn’t just me. My iPhone 12 Pro Max worked perfectly in my ’23 Chevy Traverse. I went to the iPhone 15 Pro Max about 6 weeks ago, and the feature broke just as described in other comments: Charge for a few seconds and then stops – case on or off yields the same results. I am currently on iOS 17.1.1 and have taken every update since the phone was purchased on 10/8/23.”

Some affected users have taken their vehicles to service centers suspecting a vehicle-related issue, but no problems were found. Complaints have been forwarded to Apple, although the company has yet to make any official statements on the matter. Nonetheless, a resolution to the problem is anticipated with the release of the iOS 17.2 update.