Tristan Thompson issues an apology to Kylie Jenner regarding the Khloe-Jordyn cheating scandal involving the Kardashians

Credit : Instagram

Tristan Thompson garnered attention for his basketball career and involvement in cheating scandals.

The NBA star has frequently been in the headlines for these controversies.

Despite the negative publicity, it seems there has been a change of heart for Tristan Thompson.

He is now taking steps to rehabilitate and improve his tarnished reputation.

Thompson's focus has shifted towards redeeming himself in the public eye.

The basketball player acknowledges the need for a positive change in perception.

Efforts are being made by Tristan Thompson to distance himself from past controversies.

His recent actions suggest a commitment to rebuilding trust and goodwill.

Thompson appears determined to shift the narrative surrounding his public image.

The NBA star is actively engaged in efforts to clear his name and move beyond his previous scandals.