Taylor Swift concludes a remarkable 2023 by stepping into her Time Person of the Year phase.

Credit : Instagram

Taylor Swift earns the title of 2023’s Time Person of the Year, adding another prestigious accolade to her extensive list of achievements. 

Time Editor in Chief Sam Jacobs praises Swift for transcending borders and being a source of light in a divided world. 

Swift's Eras Tour, featuring a 3.5-hour show in 66 performances across North America, Argentina, and Brazil, becomes a groundbreaking success. 

During the SAG-AFTRA strike, Swift strikes a deal and releases her Eras Tour film, making over $200 million globally, making history as the highest-grossing concert film. 

Swift takes ownership of eight of her 10 eras by re-releasing two albums and planning future releases in her "Bejeweled" music video. 

Bloomberg declares Swift a billionaire in November 2023, attributing her success to the Eras Tour, movie releases, album re-recordings, and merchandise sales. 

The "Taylor Swift economy" boosts sales for various businesses, from soaps to thematic cruises inspired by her eras. 

Swift's personal life makes headlines as she starts dating star tight end Travis Kelce, boosting ratings for the NFL and propelling Kelce into a bigger universe of fandom. 

The love story plays out publicly, impacting jersey sales and prompting Kelce to move into a gated home for added security. 

Looking ahead to 2024, Swift plans to kick off the Eras Tour again in Tokyo, Japan, and Australia, marking the continuation of her successful journey.