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Russian President Putin Wanted To Become A Pilot

Putin has been in power in Russia for almost 24 years and last week he announced that he is running for re-election.

Before becoming President, he worked as an officer in the KGB intelligence agency. During a programme, he recalled his childhood and said that he wanted to become a pilot.

“I talked about it,” Putin said, according to the Russian TASS news agency. “Every person at different stages of his life has a different attitude towards the values ​​around him.

I wanted to become a pilot. But even before that, in high school, I wanted to be an intelligence officer, and as you know, I became one."

In a video question, a student from St. Petersburg asked if he had a doppelganger? On this Putin said that he is the only person who can speak in his own voice.

He said that some celebrities had jokingly said that he looks a lot like them and his voice is also similar.

After this I decided that only one person should look like me and speak in my voice. And that person is myself.