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Motoroid 2 - Yamaha's Self-balancing AI Motorbike

Yamaha's 'handleless' self-balancing bike will change the world of motorcycle

Yamaha has always been famous for manufacturing motorcycles with impressive looks and designs. Now, Yamaha has completely reversed the traditional design and standards of motorcycles with its new concept.

With this new model, Yamaha has challenged the conventional style of motorcycles. Through this concept, the company envisions creating a bond like a partner between the machine and the human.

If someone tells you that they want you to ride a bike without handlebars, it's likely to sound like a joke. However, Yamaha has introduced its new concept, named Motoroid 2, without any handlebars. This bike possesses many features that you haven't seen in any other model before 

The concept bike looks like something out of science fiction films, with its futuristic design and unique technology. It incorporates technologies such as twisting swingarm, AI facial recognition, and self-balancing. The bike can balance itself and stand without a stand.

In addition, it features a facial recognition system that activates all other features by identifying the owner's face. Currently, it is presented as a concept.

The company claims that the Motoroid 2 concept answers the question, "What will the human-machine interface look like in the future?" Although it seems strange and exciting, it raises questions about the risks associated with this design.

Yamaha Motor has stated that this concept will help establish a strong relationship between the rider and the machine, resonating with each other like partners. Keeping this in mind, Yamaha presented the first-generation MOTOROiD concept in 2017 and now has showcased the second-generation MOTOROiD concept at the Japan Mobility Show.

The company has been researching and developing this concept for years, making necessary changes to establish a special bond between the machine and the human. The model presented this time is unique in many aspects.

Yamaha says that MOTOROiD2 is an excellent bike for personal mobility, capable of recognizing its owner, lifting itself from its kickstand, and moving with its rider. When someone rides on its seat, they will have an experience similar to riding a living being.

The bike uses Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) for attitude sensing, along with image recognition artificial intelligence (AI) system to recognize and respond to the owner's face and gestures.

Additionally, MOTOROiD2 features a new leaf structure, unlike any other motorcycle, providing special characteristics.

In this electric motorcycle with a hub-driven rear wheel, the hub is attached to a swingarm connected to a motor located just below the seat. This arrangement allows the entire swingarm and rear wheel to pivot both forward and backward, providing maneuverability. The company calls it Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) technology.

It seems that the battery box in the center of MOTOROiD 2 can also rotate, allowing maintenance of the bike's weight balance during movement. The swingarm and battery box appear to be connected to each other, flexing together, as Yamaha refers to it as the Active Mass Center Control System (AMCES) technology.

During the bike's presentation, the company demonstrated it moving freely without a rider and showcased a female model's expressions and movements in front of the motorcycle. It is being claimed that this bike not only possesses self-balancing technology but also has appealing features that can operate without a rider.

As for when this bike will be available for purchase, Yamaha has presented the Motoroid 2 as a concept, and it is uncertain when it will be introduced into the real world or reach production levels.