Launched with a 4kWh battery pack, the Ola S1X offers a longer range

Today, Ola Electric conducted a live event on YouTube, revealing a series of groundbreaking announcements that mark a significant shift in the electric vehicle industry. Remaining true to their dedication to revolutionizing the electric vehicle market, the company has overcome obstacles and introduced exciting surprises.

Ola Electric has initiated the sale of Ola S1X- 2kWH and 3kWh battery packs at affordable prices. Furthermore, they have taken a leap in performance by introducing a higher-tier 4 kWh battery pack for Ola S1X, which offers an impressive range of 190 km, setting a new benchmark for efficiency in electric vehicles. But the company doesn’t stop there; it is further enhancing its commitment to customer satisfaction by expanding its service center network from 400 to 600 by the next quarter, ensuring comprehensive support for its growing user base.

Ola Electric is taking a significant step towards meeting the essential requirement for charging infrastructure. In the upcoming quarter, they plan to establish 10,000 more charging stations, which will greatly contribute to the increased acceptance of electric vehicles. Moreover, Ola Electric is revolutionizing the trust associated with owning an electric vehicle by offering an exceptional 8-year battery warranty, encompassing a mileage of up to 80,000 km.

Let us further explore the details of the Ola S1X’s 4kWh battery pack.


The S1X variant with a 4 kWh battery maintains its original aesthetics, displaying the Ola Electric brand’s signature sleek, sharp, and distinct design. This electric scooter is embellished with various features, such as an LED headlight, tail light, turn signal lamp, and a low battery indicator. These components not only add to the scooter’s stylish look but also improve visibility and ensure safety while riding on the road.


Specification Ola S1X [4 kWh Variant]
Top Speed 90 km/h
Range 190 km
Acceleration 3.3 sec
Motor 6 kW
Battery Capacity 4 kWh
Modes Eco, Normal, Sports
Screen Size 4.3″


The Ola S1X 4 kWh model comes with a price tag of ₹1,09,999, and interested buyers can now make their purchases, with deliveries set to take place in April 2024. This well-thought-out decision not only makes the Ola S1X accessible to electric vehicle enthusiasts but also provides a defined timeline for those who are excited to explore the advanced features of the 4 kWh variant.


1. Service Center Expansion: Improving Assistance for Customers

Ola Electric is undertaking a bold initiative to extend its service center network from the current 400 to a remarkable 600 by April 2024. This significant 50% growth in the service network showcases the company’s dedication to offering improved support and aid to its expanding user community. The expansion guarantees that Ola S1X owners will enjoy even more convenient access to service centers, further solidifying Ola Electric’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

2. 10,000 Charging Stations: Paving the Way for the Charging Infrastructure Revolution!

Ola Electric is taking a groundbreaking step to enhance the charging infrastructure by installing 10,000 more charging stations in the next quarter. This strategic move not only meets the increasing demand for electric vehicles but also brings a remarkable improvement in fast charging capabilities. With the ability to charge up to 50 km in just 23 minutes, this represents a remarkable 75% increase in fast charging efficiency. Additionally, Ola Electric is introducing a convenient portable home charger option, which can be purchased for ₹29,999. This is a significant step towards making charging solutions more accessible for users.

3. Discover Unmatched Battery Life and Revolutionary Warranty Choices

Ola Electric is revolutionizing the industry by ensuring that their electric vehicles have twice the lifespan of a regular petrol scooter. This exciting news comes in the form of an 8-year battery warranty, covering up to 80,000 km, and it doesn’t cost anything extra. This warranty not only guarantees exceptional performance for a long time but also demonstrates Ola Electric’s confidence in the durability of their EVs. Going above and beyond, Ola Electric offers an innovative option for users to extend their battery warranty.

If you plan to ride 100,000 km, you can get the battery for just ₹49,999. And for those who want to travel even further, up to 125,000 km, the battery pack is available for ₹129,999. This flexible and personalized approach ensures peace of mind when it comes to battery life.