Ola MoveOS 4 Launched For All Users With Impressive Features


Ola Electric has taken a significant leap forward in the realm of electric scooters with the introduction of OLA MoveOS 4. This software update brings forth a plethora of exciting advancements, including over 20 new features and more than 100 enhancements to existing ones. By doing so, Ola Electric aims to revolutionize the driving experience of their Ola S1 electric scooter range.

This comprehensive update truly showcases Ola Electric’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, all in the pursuit of enhancing and amplifying the joy of riding. Initially released as a beta version on September 15, 2023, OLA MoveOS 4 was exclusively available to a select group of individuals. Now, let’s delve into the key features and specifications of this remarkable update, starting with the scooter itself.


OLA MoveOS 4 brings an exciting addition called OLA MAPS, which offers a range of fascinating features. Riders can now effortlessly keep track of traffic conditions, estimated arrival times, and their surroundings. Moreover, users can conveniently send their phone’s location to the scooter, ensuring seamless and hassle-free navigation. OLA MAPS even provides suggestions for alternative routes when necessary. Ola Electric proudly asserts that OLA MAPS has the capability to rival Google Maps, a highly popular navigation app for vehicles.

In addition, in case the user cannot locate their scooter, the system assists in locating the scooter through their mobile phones. This functionality is available through the Find My Scooter feature.



If someone who shouldn’t be touching your vehicle tries to tamper with or move it, the scooter’s Tamper Detection system will activate. It will immediately notify you by displaying a warning on the screen whenever it detects any movement while the scooter is locked. Additionally, you will receive a notification on your phone. This fantastic safety feature guarantees that your scooter stays always protected.

Additionally, our scooter is equipped with a Fall Detection Feature. This means that if the scooter falls while it is locked or parked, an alert will be sent right away. Moreover, the fall detection feature always remains active while riding to maximize safety. In the event of a fall during a ride, the motor will automatically shut off, providing an extra layer of protection for the rider.


By incorporating this groundbreaking feature, users can now gain valuable knowledge about the amount of CO2 they are able to save while using the electric scooter, as well as the cost savings they achieve with their purchase. As they access or ride the vehicle, users will be able to witness a captivating visual representation of a growing tree on the screen, gradually expanding. Moreover, the sound of the care mode is exceptionally strong and clear, further enhancing the overall user experience.


In the earlier models of scooters, riders were limited to three options: low, default, and high. To engage forced regen, they had to twist the throttle in reverse, or simply release the throttle to gradually slow down. However, there’s a new update to the Regen Profile called the “OFF” setting. With this new feature, the scooter will naturally decelerate when the throttle is released, without any regenerative braking. This provides a more traditional slowing-down experience for riders.


This function assists the scooter in staying in place or reducing its speed while riding downhill, which improves control and safety on slopes. As you ride on a slope or downhill, the Hill hold feature automatically engages. It ensures that the scooter doesn’t accelerate too quickly when going downhill, enabling the rider to have greater stability and control.


OLA MoveOS 4 has gained immense popularity due to its remarkable Auto Turn-Off Indicator. With this innovative system, whenever a rider steers their bike, the indicator promptly switches off after a short duration, offering convenience and preventing any unintentional usage. Previously, this feature was exclusively found in cars, but OLA has now incorporated it into their OLA scooters, making them even more exceptional.

Additionally, another great feature is the Take Me Home Lights. Whenever the user locks the scooter, the lights will remain illuminated for a duration of 30 seconds before automatically turning off.

Here are some of the main highlights found in the scooter’s OLA MoveOS 4 software update. In addition to these, there are many more features available. You’ll be able to receive precise information about your vehicle motor’s power consumption, regen power, torque, range, and more. Moreover, you can grant access to your Ola scooter to your friends and relatives, among other general features. All these functionalities can be easily accessed through the Ola mobile application.

Let’s take a look at the exciting and innovative features offered by the OLA Mobile Phone application. Ola has made remarkable enhancements to its mobile app, bringing you a seamless experience. With just a tap on your home screen, you can now effortlessly start your scooter and embark on your electric vehicle adventure.


Here are some essential features that you can easily access using your mobile device:


In the past, users had to go through the hassle of searching for locations on the scooter and manually entering them for directions. But now, Ola has made things much easier. Users can simply send their desired location to the scooter using their mobile phones without any effort. All they must do is select the location on their phone, send it to the scooter’s name, tap on “navigate,” and they’re good to go! This seamless process ensures a hassle-free journey to their destination.


Users can conveniently lock or unlock their scooter using the proximity unlock feature if their Bluetooth is turned on. To ensure smooth operation, users must calibrate this feature correctly. After a successful calibration, users can select from three proximity range sensitivity options: Near, Mid, and Far. Once the entire process is finished, the results will be promptly displayed. As you approach the scooter, it will automatically power on, and as you move away, it will turn off.


As you may already know, this feature allows consumers to give their friends and family access to their scooters. What’s even more exciting is that users now have the ability to customize their profiles with features like Geofence.

This means they can receive notifications whenever their scooter enters specific areas. Additionally, they can conveniently activate or deactivate functions like sport mode and hyper mode, as well as set time boundaries, all from their mobile devices. With this level of control, users can manage their scooters effortlessly using their smartphones.


OLA MoveOS 4 introduces a fascinating and one-of-a-kind feature called the Ride Journal. This incredible addition allows riders to delve into a detailed account of their journey, much like a condensed journal.

Users can access important information like the distance they’ve traveled, the cost savings achieved by using an electric scooter, the positive impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emissions avoided, statistics on regenerative braking, and insights into energy usage, including their preferred riding modes. Essentially, this journal offers customers essential riding data that is both vital and valuable to comprehend.


MoveOS 4 offers more than just practical features; it brings fun, enjoyment, and pure joy to your riding experience. One of the ways it proves this is through Concert Mode. With Concert Mode, riders can share music files and host a concert, inviting others to join in on a single Wi-Fi network. Multiple scooters and participants can come together, enjoying a collective music experience with synchronized scooter lights and music, creating a delightful atmosphere filled with good beats.


OLA MoveOS 4 has made remarkable improvements in its charging capabilities. Users can now enjoy the benefits of a fast hypercharge option, which enables them to customize their charging limits according to their preferences. Moreover, the system has also been enhanced with more accurate charging time predictions, making it even more convenient for users.


In the latest update of OLA MoveOS 4, we have prioritized safety measures. As previously mentioned, our tamper detection feature is active and will promptly notify users of any unauthorized attempts to move the scooter. Additionally, we have introduced the Reset Passcode Feature, providing an extra layer of security. This feature enables users to reset their password instantly through their phone, eliminating the hassle of contacting Ola Management in case of a forgotten or incorrect password.

Users can conveniently access a range of essential features on their mobile phones. Numerous additional improvements are also at their fingertips, such as Dark mode, larger trip meters, headphone call and music control, vacation mode, call settings, Cruise Control in Eco Mode, OTA updates via the app, faster document synchronization, contact synchronization, pairing, call from favorites, and enhanced mood sounds, among others. The incorporation of these advanced functionalities in OLA MoveOS 4 truly distinguishes OLA scooters from the competition.


Ola has made a remarkable move by introducing the OLA MoveOS 4 update. This update ensures that all riders have a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. Although there may be some minor issues, such as certain features not working perfectly on all scooters or not being universally available, OLA MoveOS 4 has undoubtedly made a significant impact in the electric vehicle market.

The release date for the stable version of OLA MoveOS 4 is still uncertain, but the updates it brings have certainly brought happiness to many Ola riders, improving their overall riding experience. It will be exciting to see what exciting updates and electric vehicle innovations Ola has in store for its valued customers.