How Does the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network Work?

Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

Electric vehicles are now more important than ever, given the rising pollution levels and the diminishing fossil fuel resources. However, the key to their success lies in having a reliable and efficient charging infrastructure. This is where Ola Electric comes into play, making a significant impact. In this article, we will delve into the workings of the Ola Electric Hypercharging network and its crucial role in the electric vehicle ecosystem.

What is Ola Electric Hypercharging Network?

The Ola Electric Hypercharging Network aims to provide a comprehensive charging infrastructure for electric scooters. Ola Electric is diligently working towards establishing this network in over 400 cities, with more than 2000 Hyper Charging points expected to be operational by the end of 2023. As part of the Ola-powered charging network, charging stations will be strategically placed in retail centers, IT parks, business complexes, and other bustling locations to cater to the high demand for electric vehicle charging.

Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

How does it work?

Ola Electric Scooters can be charged using a combination of AC and DC charging technology. AC charging, although slower, is perfect for home charging or when the scooter is parked for a longer duration. On the other hand, DC charging is faster and more suitable for charging at public locations.

To utilize the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network, individuals are required to download the Ola Electric app onto their smartphones. This app offers a comprehensive map displaying all the nearby charging points, allowing users to choose the most suitable one. Upon arriving at the chosen charging point, users simply need to connect their electric vehicle to the charging point using a compatible charging cable.

Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

Locate a charging point

To access the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network, simply download the Ola Electric app on your smartphone. This user-friendly app displays a map showing all the nearby charging points. You can easily choose the one that suits you best.

Connect your electric scooter

Once the user arrives at the charging station, they should simply plug their electric scooter into the charging point using a suitable charging cable. Based on the battery’s condition, temperature, and various other factors, the Ola Hyper Charging network will automatically assess the battery capacity of the scooter and enhance the charging speed and efficiency accordingly.

Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

Charge your OLA electric scooter

After connecting to the hypercharge, the charging point will show you the charging status. You can easily keep track of the progress using the Ola Electric app. Once your electric scooter is fully charged, simply disconnect it from the charging point and you’re ready to continue your journey.

Unplug your OLA scooter

To disconnect the charger, simply tap on the ‘Stop Charging’ button located on the scooter’s dashboard. Wait for the screen to display the message ‘Unplug the charger’ before you proceed to disconnect your scooter from the charging port. Once you see the message, you’re all set to continue your journey.

What is the price tag for the Hypercharger?

As per the official website of the company, the Ola Hyper Charger is currently available free of cost for all users in India, but only for a limited time.

Maybe soon, the company will start some money charges for charging.

Where to find OLA Hypercharger

You can easily locate your nearest OLA Hypercharger through the scooter dashboard or Ola Electric App. The scooter’s navigation system will guide you to the charging station effortlessly. Alternatively, you can also rely on Google Maps for assistance. Rest assured, these Ola Electric hyper chargers are designed to be user-friendly for all owners.

Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

Is the Ola Hypercharger compatible with both MoveOS 2 and MoveOS 3?

The Ola Hypercharger is exclusively available for Ola scooters equipped with the MoveOS 3 update. If your electric scooter has MoveOS2, you must first update it to MoveOS3 to charge your scooter.

The Importance of Ola Electric’s Hypercharging Network

The Ola Electric Hypercharging Network has played a vital role in promoting the use of electric vehicles in India. The lack of a dependable charging infrastructure has been a major obstacle in the growth of the EV industry. However, Ola Electric has taken a significant step forward by addressing this issue and making it easier for people to switch to electric vehicles through the introduction of this network.

Ola Electric Hypercharging Network

Moreover, the Ola Electric Hypercharging Network is an eco-friendly initiative that will contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation sector. The availability of efficient charging infrastructure makes electric vehicles a greener and cleaner alternative to their fossil fuel counterparts, encouraging more individuals to make the switch.

Looking for assistance at an Ola Hypercharger? Here are some steps to follow

If you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support. You can find the contact information on either the scooter dashboard or the Ola Electric App. We’re here to help!


The Hypercharging Network in India is revolutionizing the EV industry. Ola Electric’s introduction of this network marks a major milestone in making electric vehicles more easily available and convenient for everyone.